Student visa

Ordinary student visa is issued to Australian Citizens and other nationals who are the holders of Australia Residency visa to enter the Russian Federation for the purpose of studying in an educational institution on the basis of an invitation issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation (Russian MIA), or based on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation (Russian MFA) decision.

Student visa can be applied for single, double or multi entry and issued for the period up to 3 years, based on the dates provided in invitation obtained from MIA.

The subsequent visa for further stay / extension period is carried out by local migration office of the Russian MIA at the place of stay and migration registration by issuance of a multiple-entry visa for an enrolment contract validity period settled according to the Russian Federation educational legislation but no more than for a year for each subsequent visa.

To apply for a student visa you must submit the following documents:

  1. The original of the invitation issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation;
  2. The decision of the Russian Federation Ministry of the Foreign Affairs;
  3. Passport with no less than 2 empty pages for visas, valid for a minimum of 1,5 years starting on the visa effective date;
  4. Copy of the data page of the passport (the page containing personal data and photograph of the holder, passport number, issue and expiry dates);
  5. Electronic Visa Application Form, filled out in Russian or English, and printed directly from the following website of the Consular Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry: (Please follow the instructions for the procedure, available at the above mentioned website, provided in Russian as well as other languages, including English). The Russian Visa center can fill in the visa application on your behalf;
  6. One passport size (3.5 x 4.5 cm) clear photo in color taken full-face directly facing the camera and against a plain white or light-colored background. Only non-tinted prescription glasses and head covering worn daily for a religious purpose or as a part of national costume (in this case the same head covering must be worn in the passport photo) are allowed. At the Russian visa center you can opt for "Express Photo" service;
  7. A certificate of a negative HIV test completed according to this form;
  8. For students from the second year of study - student ID card;
  9. Additional documents for applicants under 18:

    • copy of birth certificate (notarized and translated into Russian)
    • consent of the parent / parents for the departure of the child from the country (notarized and translated into Russian)
  10. If you are not an Australian citizen please check the additional requirements for the citizens of your respective country and follow this link to check the additional information.
  11. We recommend you to obtain medical and travel insurance policy. Our consultants can assist you to obtain insurance policy accordingly to your needs.

You can also use our Postal service to submit your visa application by post.

Important! In case you have two or more valid passports, please make sure there are no valid Russian visas in any of the passports before submitting your visa application.

Please note! The Russian Consular Offices may request additional visa documents, invite you for an interview or extend the time of visa issuing procedure.

For the citizens of Australia

Consideration period Consular fee Service fee
(incl. GST)
Single-entry visa
10-12 business days $120 $43
4-6 business days* $240 $43
Double-entry visa
10-12 business days $192 $43
4-6 business days* $384 $43
Multi-entry visa
10-12 business days $360 $43
4-6 business days* $720 $43

*Urgent processing available only for visa applications based on invitations issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia

Transfer or restoration of a visa regardless of citizenship

Consular fee Service fee (incl. GST)
$54 $43

Please note:

If the Russian Federation has a separate bilateral agreement on visa fees amounts with another state, the visa fees applied for the citizens of this state should correspond to the conditions of this agreement.

Processing time starts from the day the documents are delivered to the Consulate. In certain cases the Consulate can extend or reduce the processing time.

Completing the Russian visa application form

The application form for a Russian visa should be filled out in electronic form on the website of the Consular Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry:

At your request, we can fill out the application form for you at the visa center. This is a paid additional service worth $14 for each side of the application form.

A separate application form must be completed for each applicant.

Dear applicants,

We would like to inform you that at the Russian visa application centers you can use the following additional (paid) services:

Please note!

  • Acquiring of the above mentioned services does not affect the procedure for consideration of visa application and does not guarantee issuing of visa;
  • The cost for provision of services is charged in addition to the service fee;
  • All the above mentioned services are provided only at your request;
  • Please, read about all the terms of providing these services before you start the procedure.