How do I apply for a visa to Russia?


Step 1:
Determine the purpose of your trip.

Step 2:

Read more about the relevant visa category and requirements.

  • Documents required for a tourist visa, read here;
  • Documents required for a business visa, read here;
  • Documents required for a humanitarian visa, read here;
  • Documents required for a private visa, read here;
  • Documents required for a working visa, read here;
  • Documents required for a student visa, read here.

Step 3:
Please check the requirements carefully and fill out an online application form which is available at

Alternatively use our additional service Filling in of an application form which will help you save time and avoid possible delays due to errors.

Step 4:
Make an Аppointment for a convenient day and time for submitting documents.

Alternatively use our Postal service - "Visa by mail".

Please make sure that there is enough time to process your visa application before the expected start date of your trip. See “Rates and terms” tab on the page of your visa category (you may apply for your visa 6-8 months before entry in Russian Federation).

Step 5:

Visit Russian Visa Center on the day of your appointment for visa application submission.

In order to avoid delay in your visa application process you must provide a full set of required documents. The consulate visa fees and services fees can be paid at the time of visa application lodgment by credit card or within 24 hrs by bank transferal. You will receive invoice for the fees corresponding to your visa category at the time of visa application submission.     

During the submission of documents you can use the following additional services:

Step 6:
Once your passport is ready you can collect it at the Russian Visa Center.
Alternatively order a Postal or Courier delivery (courier fees according to your location).

Passport Collection Procedure

Due to security measures, no passports will be returned for collection without appropriate personal identification.

The following procedure for passport collection from Russian Visa Centers in Australia must be strictly observed.

  1. Appropriate identification document with your photograph and signature must be presented.
  2. If you wish for your passport to be collected by authorized representative on your behalf, please provide the letter of authorization stating the details of your representative. Appropriate ID of a representative must be presented.

Step 7:
Check the validity of the issued visa to ensure that it covers the period of required stay, the number of entries, and that it is valid for the purpose of your trip.

How I can read my Russian visa?
Please refer to this document.