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Please be informed that on the website you can find an article on the travel regulations applicable in the Russian Federation with regards to the current restrictions implemented to prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus infection. We recommend you to read these rules if you are planning to travel to Russia in the near future. However please also note that the travel regulations are subject to changes and it is obligatory to check the latest updates on the websites of the Government of the Russian Federation and the respective airlines.


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Due to Covid-19 restrictions imposed by NSW government our office accepting postal applications only.

Temporary office hours until further notice:

Monday: 9:00am - 2:00pm
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Dear applicants!

We will be closed during Christmas:
25th December 2020
26th December 2020
27th December 2020
28th December 2020



During the Festive season our office will be closed
from 1st January 2021
to 10th January 2021.

Last date for lodgement of Visa applications (accepted categories only) no later then 17th December 2020.
Last day for passport collection:
31st December 2020


Rules of entry into the territory of the Russian Federation


    In accordance with the Resolution of the Chief Sanitary Doctor of the Russian Federation of July 27, 2020 No. 22, 14-day quarantine measures for foreign citizens and stateless persons arriving in Russia are canceled.

    At the same time, these citizens planning to fly into Russia, including transit passengers, are required to:

    1. provide a negative COVID-19 PCR-test result in order to check in and board the flight. Passengers must be tested within 72 hours of the flight departure.

      Please note! Aeroflot only accepts results from PCR-method COVID-19 tests. No other test results, including antibody tests, will be accepted.

    2. complete a special form during the flight. You may find and download the form here.

    Foreign citizens arriving for the purpose of work must continue to fulfill the requirements for isolation for 14 calendar days from the date of arrival in the territory of the Russian Federation.


    In addition, the aforementioned decree provides that citizens of the Russian Federation arriving in Russia by air must also:

    1. fill out the questionnaire arriving on board
    2. fill out the form on the unified portal of public services (EPGU) before departure to Russia (when buying a ticket, but no later than check-in ).
    3. undergo a laboratory test for COVID-19 (within three calendar days from the date of arrival) and post the relevant information in a special form at the EPGU.

    In the event of deterioration in health within 14 calendar days from the date of arrival, citizens must immediately seek medical help without visiting medical organizations (by phone).


Possibility of obtaining free visas after restrictions on entering Russia are lifted

Visas issuance by Russian consular missions was temporarily suspended pursuant to Government Directive No. 635-r of March 16, 2020.

After Russian missions abroad resume working on visas, foreign citizens will get an opportunity to obtain visas without having to pay any consular fees and processing costs if all the following conditions are met:

  • the applicant’s passport has an unused single (double entry) visa effective not earlier than March 15, 2020;
  • the applicant submitted documents giving grounds for issuing a similar or a visa for less visits for another time;
  • the visa expires within six months after the Government Directive No. 635-r of March 16, 2020 is declared cancelled.

All these conditions must be met to get the relevant service.

Together with the documents giving grounds for obtaining a new visa the applicant should file a written application (in free form) to the head of the consular mission for exemption from the already mentioned payments because of an event of force majeure. In this case we will proceed from the decision taken by the Russian authorities that restricted entry into the territory of the Russian Federation that did not allow the person concerned to travel on the earlier issued visa.

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Important information!

Attention all travellers who obtained visa for entering Russian Federation after 15th March 2020.

As soon as all restrictions regarding visiting Russia are lifted and the full reopening of Russian borders, foreign citizens who previously obtained Russian visas but was unable to use due to Covid-19, will have the opportunity to apply for new replacement visas without paying the additional consular fees. New replacement visa can be obtained while observing all of the following conditions:

  • an unused single-entry or double-entry visa is attached in the applicant's passport, the validity of visas begins not earlier than 15th March 2020.
  • the applicant has submitted documents for obtaining a visa for the same or lower period of validity;
  • the validity of the previously issued visa expires withing 6 months after the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation from March 16, 2020 No. 635-r is declared invalid.


Dear Applicants

The restrictions on Russian Visa applications are now lifted for the holders of UK, Turkey and Tanzania passports.


Dear Applicants

Duo to Covid-19, the Government of the Russian Federation temporary introduced restrictions on the entry of foreign citizens.

The Russian General Consulate in Sydney and the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Canberra temporary stops accepting all visa application for exception of:

  • Business visas for air crew, truck drivers, international road and traffic personal, crew of river and sea vessels, diplomatic staff;
  • Private visas for the purpose of medical treatments in Russian medical institutions;
  • Private visas family members (husband, wife, children under 18) of Russian Citizens;
  • Private visas for careers to care for sick relatives;
  • Private visa for travelling to the Russian Federation in connection with death of close relatives.

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Interlink Service Canberra office is now closed until further notice. Please direct your query by email:

Postal applications :

PO Box 482
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Dear Clients

Due to Covid -19 Travel restrictions and the temporary closures of Russian Federation borders , Interlink Service office in Canbera will be closed until further notice .
Interlink Service Sydney office will accept postal visa applications for limited visa categories only.
For further information, please forward your enquires via email :